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The teaching method used by L‘Italiano Porticando is the direct communicative teaching method. Italian is the only language spoken at school from the first day. Our teachers are experts in teaching Italian to foreigners and so there isn’t a need for using other languages to bridge language gaps or to communicate with students. This is true for all levels, from beginners to advanced. 

Teaching materials – mainly developed by the school – are chosen and created to stimulate free conversation and to simulate real communication situations. Class activities are designed to give the student all necessary tools to handle daily life situations and social interaction in Italy. 

Though the communication ability is fundamental – we aim first at the development of the student’s communication ability and then at the elimination of mistakes – the classes leave room also for grammar exercises and for exercises which will help the student to use and understand the written and spoken language. Many original texts of various kinds (articles, literature, advertisements etc.), songs, films, documentaries help the student to improve these abilities. 

The classes are complemented by extra-curricular activities organized by the school in the afternoon, allowing students to put into practise what they have learnt during their morning lessons.


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