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Learning the language was the first thing I wanted to do when arrived in Turin. Luckily, my host family here proposed me Italiano Porticando, saying it's the best.

And I totally agree! You can find lots of language schools, but this one makes the difference in so many ways.

First of all, their method. They have their own, carefully made and level-based material, that is not focused only on the language itself, but also to communication skills, culture, everyday life, history, art. So a total immersion into this beautiful country. In addition, afternoon activities, cooking courses, excursions, museum visits, everything organised by them, helps to really get to know the city and its people, but it's also a great opportunity to practice the language even more, which you achieve to do even from the first lesson!!!

But as a teacher myself, I can say that no teacher can be successful if not loving their job. And in this school, I had the chance to be taught from almost all the teachers. I saw their passion and love for teaching from the first till my last day there! People qualified, kind, really caring about their students, making them feel like home, trying their best every single day to make learning a great experience and of course to meet their students' needs. But all the above mentioned are objective facts that any person studying there can confirm. Speaking for myself, I spent 7 months in this school, 3 hours per day, everyday.

This is my second year in Italy. And I can tell you that these months were more than enough for me to take my B2 certificate in Italian language, being able to communicate perfectly with Italian people, having even job interviews (and succeeding) and in general, learn a lot about this beautiful country. And all the team helped in every single step of mine.

I keep coming back to Italiano Porticando every single time I've got the chance to. Because an experience like this cannot be forgotten. Don't hesitate! This is the one!

Grazie di tutto Rosaria, Laura, Caterina, Paola, Walter, Monica.......

Maria, Greece


What made me pick this school over the rest in Turin was their promptness and responsiveness during our communications. I would email them requesting information and they would answer me quickly and thoroughly. They were reliable and effective.

I attended classes at L'Italiano Porticando for 3 months. I had excellent instructors and learned a lot - it surpassed my expectations.

The course itself was very well structured, but most of all it was the quality of the instructors that really made a difference. [ A special thank you to Walter - bravissimo!]

If you are thinking of studying Italian in Italy, I would encourage you to come to Turin - it is not as touristy as other better-known destinations, but it has a lot of character, a lot to offer in terms of art, history, culture, beautiful buildings and churches, and excellent food.

Thank you all at L'Italiano Porticando, and keep up the good work!

Isabella, Canada


Kleine und feine Sprachschule im Zentrum Turins. In lockerer und internationaler Atmosphäre wird hier mit hohem pädagogischem Anspruch die Freude an der italienischen Sprache vermittelt. Diesen November habe ich zum zweiten Mal einen zweiwöchigen Kurs besucht und bin wieder hellauf begeistert.

Der Unterricht fand in (saisonbedingt sehr) kleinen Gruppen statt, sodass man wirklich von einem „Intensivkurs“ sprechen kann. Meine Lehrer Monica und Walter (ja, so heißt er) konnten mit hoher fachlicher und menschlicher Kompetenz auf unsere individuellen Problemstellungen eingehen, ohne dabei den vorgesehenen Unterrichtsstoff zu vernachlässigen. Durch ihre ansteckende Begeisterung für italienische Kultur und Sprache sowie die Stadt Turin wurde der Unterricht immer wieder mit landeskundlichen und anekdotischen Exkursen aufgewertet. Der Schwerpunkt des Kurses lag wunschgemäß auf der Entwicklung der sprachlichen Ausdrucksfähigkeit. Aber da auch die Grammatik nicht zu kurz kam, konnte ich Altbekanntes wiederholen und vertiefen, sowie Neues erlernen. Ich habe mich keine Sekunde gelangweilt, aber auch nie überfordert gefühlt.

Die Gruppenkurse finden überwiegend vormittags statt, so bleibt genügend Zeit nachmittags die faszinierende Stadt Turin auf eigene Faust zu erkunden oder an einer der zahlreichen Freizeitaktivitäten von IP teilzunehmen. Die mit großem Sach- und Hintergrundwissen organisierten Exkursionen und Veranstaltungen bieten einen spannenden Einblick in Leben und Kultur der Torinesi sowie eine wunderbare Gelegenheit gruppenübergreifend mit seinen Kommilitonen ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Jens, Germania


We zijn al 4x eerder op taalles geweest in Italie en we waren een beetje bang dat we op deze school weer een van de velen zouden zijn die in een programma geperst werden wat paste voor de school. Die angst bleek ongegrond, Dit was de eerste school die heel erg moeite heeft gedaan om de luisteren naar wat de leerling wil. Wij hebben al vrij veel kennis van de Italiaanse taal, maar we kunnen het nog niet vlot inzetten en vloeiend praten. Dat wilden we leren en daar heeft de school met ons programma dan ook op in gezet.

Vergeleken met andere scholen (Bologna, Roma, Salerno, Florence) is dit een kleine school met kleine groepen en dat is heerlijk. Verder is de school zeer goed georganiseerd en hebben ze echt oog voor de individuele student. We hebben een prachtig lesbundel meegekregen en die gaan we thuis nog eens rustig doorwerken. Het viel ons ook op dat verschillende studenten of al vaker geweest waren of van plan waren om naar deze school terug te keren. Dat kan ook prima, omdat dit de eerste keer voor ons was dat we zagen dat er een uitgebreid verslag van onze vorderingen werd vastgelegd zodat we nooit dezelfde oefeningen kregen. Wij zijn van plan om nog eens terug te komen en dan weet de school precies wat we wel en wat we niet kunnen en dan wordt de draad op het juiste punt weer opgepakt.

Bedankt Rosaria, Chiara, Chiara, Laura en de rest van het team.


We have been to school to learn Italian in Italy several times and we were afraid that this school would be one of the many who would try and fit us in a program that fits mostly themselves. This fear we found not to be true. This was the first school which truly listened to what we as students wanted and needed. We have learned quit a lot about the Italian language but now our challenge was to speak it fluently. That was what we wanted to learn and that was wat the school programmed for us.

Compared to other schools (Bologna, Rome, Salerno and Florence) this is a small school with small groups and that is wonderful. Furthermore this school is very well organized and they really look after the interest of their individual students. We have received a wonderful set of learning material and we will be studying that when we have returned to our home. We have encountered several students who were at this school for more then one time and we encountered students who wanted to return to this school for another time. That is a good choice, because we saw that our teacher made an thorough report after each lesson, so everybody could see what we had learned and this way we didn’t have the same exercise twice. We have plans to return to this school and then the school will know what we are able to do and what needs more attention, so that we can start where we left of.

Thank you so much Rosaria, Chiara, Chiara, Laura and the rest of the team.


Liesbeth & Rinie, Netherlands


Ogni anno faccio un corso in Italia per aggiornare la mia conoscenza dell' italiano parlato, quest'anno ho deciso visitare Torino, e viste le recensioni sulla scuola Italiano Porticando ho frequentato un corso per 2 settimane. La scelta non poteva essere migliore, la scuola è gestita per un gruppo di professori che amano il loro lavoro in ogni cosa che organizzano e si vede anche perché  pubblicano il proprio metodo che si segue in ogni lezione. Devo dare i complimenti a tutta la squadra di Porticando siete veramente  grandi e trasmettete  la vostra passione agli alunni e specialmente mi piacerebbe dare i miei massimi complimenti a Walter sei stato il migliore prof. non solo di tutti i corsi che ho fatto in Italia anche dei miei professori alla università, grazie di tutto! A presto!

Alex, Tenerife


It has been one of the best experiences in my life. I enjoyed every single day I spent at school. Made a lot of new friends, the teachers are so good and nice. Everyday you learn so much Italian. L'Italiano Porticando; grande scuola in Italia! I'm sure I will return in the future, because it was so much fun.

Thomas, Netherlands, 24


Ecco cosa ha detto Jennifer Rose (Germania) dopo il suo soggiorno a L'Italiano Porticando / This is what Jennifer Rose (Germany) said about her Italian Language Course in Turin:

Jennifer Rose


L'Italiano Porticando is my Italian home away from home! Rosaria, Caterina, Laura and their dedicated teaching team have created a wonderful atmosphere in which learning and loving Italian is the first priority. Their specially-designed materials not only provide a solid grounding in grammar, but present interesting and relevant discussion and reading topics, as well as an introduction to the magnificent city of Torino. Classes are supplemented by a social program giving students the opportunity to practice their Italian while sampling the crème of this wonderful city. Let Italiano Porticando be your door to Italy!

Danielle, Canada


Wir haben ein Experiment gewagt. Wir hatten bei L'Italiano Porticando angefragt,
ob sie uns jemanden vermitteln können der zu uns kommt und uns zuhause im Alltag
das für den täglichen Gebrauch notwendige Italienisch beibringt.
So kam Giorgia für eine Woche zu uns in unserem Haus am Comersee.
Sie hat mit uns den Tag verbracht und wir haben in einer ungezwungenen Atmosphäre Italienisch gesprochen
und dabei viel gelernt. Es war eine intensive aber lehrreiche Woche.
Mit viel Feingefühl hat Giorgia sich in unseren Tagesablauf eingefügt und sich ganz auf uns eingestellt.
So konnten wir innert einer Woche unser Italienisch stark verbessern und
wir haben einen merklichen Fortschritt feststellen können.
In einer herzlichen, entspannten Atmosphäre haben wir Grammatik gelernt
und daneben viel gesprochen, gelacht und diskutiert.
Alles in allem war es eine intensive, lehrreiche und wunderschöne Woche, die wir wiederholen werden.


Louise und Arthur, Liechtenstein


I have just spent a wonderful week in Turin at L'Italiano Porticando. The
school is located in an elegant early 19th century building right in the
heart of this interesting and beautiful city, with superb teaching in a
group of only three students. The teachers really do care about their
pupils, and we had a lot of fun as well as hard work. I cannot recommend it


Susan, UK


Hiermit möchte ich Ihnen ein kleines Feedback über meinen Aufenthalt in Turin geben:

Meine Unterkunft bei Frau M. M. war hervorragend. Ich habe eine sehr nette Frau kennen und schätzen gelernt.
Wir werden bestimmt in Kontakt bleiben.

Die Schule war ebenfalls hervorragend, ich kann sie nur empfehlen.
Unsere Lehrerin - Frau Laura Giardino - war einfach super und ich konnte in ihrem Unterricht sehr Vieles lernen.
Ich habe auch die anderen Lehrkräfte kennen gelernt. Alle waren top.

Turin hat mir sehr gut gefallen und ich habe die Schönheiten der Stadt kennen gelernt, so wie die vielen Museen und
Dank der Schule auch 2-Mal in der Woche Entdeckungen machen können.


Françoise, Switzerland


Prima di tutto, devo dire che mi sono interessato all'Italiano Porticando per tre ragioni:

- un fascicolo scritto in italiano; così mi sembrava più "vero" che se fosse stato scritto in inglese ...
- dei corsi culturali e a tema molto diversi ed interessanti (io ho scelto l'Italiano e la FIAT), spero che ne seguano altri ...
- una scuola familiare, ciò che per me vuole dire un insegnamento più vicino agli studenti al di là della grammatica.

Prima di iscrivermi, volevo verificare alcuni dettagli sui corsi. Li ho ottenuti con rapidità, gentilezza e precisione.

Per quanto riguarda l'alloggio, mi hanno proposto delle condizioni ottime: posto molto comodo e soprattutto
una famiglia adorabile sotto tutti i punti di vista. Questa coppia che mi ha accolto per una settimana
è oggi un po' come i miei genitori torinesi !

A scuola, in più di un'accoglienza calorosa e conviviale, ho trovato delle professoresse impiegate a rendere
le mie lezioni molto utili e addirittura piacevoli nello stesso tempo. Anche per le attività fuori scuola,
tutto era ben organizzato e adatto per imparare un po' di più dell'Italia in un modo divertente.

Ovviamente, per chi cerca una scuola in una città molto accogliente e piacevole,
con una squadra di professoresse che insegnano l'italiano con convinzione, non per convenienza,
e per coloro che cercano professionalità, prossimità e giovialità, l'Italiano Porticando la raccomando assolutamente.


Eric, Francia


Quest'estate ho fatto un corso di una settimana nell'Italiano Porticando. Sono stata molto bene la prima cosa che mi ha sorpresa è la calda accoglienza ricevuta per parte di tutti professori. Ricordo specialmente Laura.

L'escursione alla Sacra San Michele con lei nella sua macchina. Sempre tan simpatica e tan paziente. I giri per la città, allungando il tempo piu del rigorosamente necesario prendendo un gelato o un caffè con tutti noi. L'ho passato francamente bene e mi è piaciuta molto la città Torino.

Elena, Valencia, Spagna


I visited several language schools in Torino before I chose L'Italiano Porticando. I chose it because when I visited, the staff where friendly and professional, and the offices (which are well situated in an old building in the centre of Torino) were clean and bright.

I particularly liked the style of the lessons, which were not overly formal, and included time to chat in Italian over an espresso each day. The course book, which is written and provided by the school, is set entirely in Torino and the surrounding areas, which made the learning very relevant - as well as providing ideas and suggestions of what to see and do, what to eat and drink, in and around Torino.

Ian (31), London, Manager


When I first arrived in Torino I knew two things for sure:

  1. I wanted and needed to learn Italian
  2. I had to learn the language fast in order to find a job

I spent a lot of time visiting, calling and e-mailing language schools in Torino, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. It was a very frustrating procedure, but I didn't want to give up or go to a school that didn't offer what I needed. When I paid a visit to "L'Italiano Porticando school" I knew I had found what I was looking for. Warm people, great attitude. They made me feel immediately comfortable.
The lessons were very pleasant and I could feel the difference in my communication skills from the very first one. What was also great was that the school pays a lot of attention on not only teaching the italian language but also on passing a lot of cultural information! I recommended this school to my friends (and they were as happy as I was) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to you too!

Maria (31), Athens, Greece


Der Service:
Das Appartment wurde mir von der Schule in einer sehr schnellen Zeit organisiert und war top. Klasse, dass ich mich darauf verlassen konnte, eine gute Unterkunft organisiert zu bekommen. Die Fassade des Gebäudes irritierte Anfangs, aber innen war das Appartment sehr gut (Parkett-Boden, sehr sauber, angenehm zu wohnen) und für die turiner Zentrumslage günstig resp. angemessen (Via Cavour 13, 35 EUR/Tag, für 2 Personen sehr gut geeignet).

Der Kurs:
Als Kurs wurde von meiner Seite der Mittelstufen-Kurs belegt. Die Kursteilnehmer entsprachen in etwa meinem Wissenslevel und es war ein sehr gutes Arbeiten und vorankommen möglich. Der Lehrer (Rudolf) war sehr gut (geduldig, aber mit dem notwendigen Drang auch im Stoff vor- an zu kommen und auch konsequent, was Hausaufgaben betraf :-) ). Die Personen selbst waren sehr gemischt (vom Schüler angefangen bis hin zum Rentnerehepaar, auch entsprechend von den Nationen sehr gemischt).

Das Umfeld:
Eine sehr kleine und sehr familiäre Schule. Am Nachmittag wurden unter der Woche Stadtführungen und Besichtigungen angeboten (kostenfrei, Eintritt regulär zu entrichten). Meist wurde dies von Laura übernommen, die Vorschläge unterbreitete und auf unsere Wünsche entsprechend gut reagierte (Klasse!).

Wer also keine Standard-Schule möchte und dort in der Größe und Anonymität aufgehen möchte, sondern gleich bei der Ankunft sich eingebettet fühlen möchte, ist hier an der richtigen Stelle.

Als kleines Resume möchte ich sagen, dass es für mich ein 6-er im Lotto war, diese Schule zu finde. Eine klasse Stadt und klasse Schule.

Tante Grazie per tutto.

Michael (32), Munich, Student


Durante le 3 settimane che ho frequentato il corso di lingua italiana ho potuto apprendere tante cose nuove soprattutto per quanto riguarda la grammatica, anche se per me il corso risultava difficile. Il clima nella classe era sempre buono e ho instaurato nuove amicize. La scuola "L'italiano porticando" è una scuola piccola e famigliare e questo mi piace tanto.

Larissa (20), CH-Savognin


Im Sommer 2005 habe ich an einem Standardkurs von der Dauer von drei Wochen an der Schule L’Italiano Porticando in Turin teilgenommen, mit dem Ziel mein Italienisch zu verbessern. Insgesamt habe ich drei Monate in Italien verbracht, zwei in Rom und einen in Turin. Zur Schule bin ich per Internet gestossen und so viel ich weiss, ist es die einzige Schule für Fremdsprachige Leute in dieser Stadt. Die ersten zwei Wochen war ich mit einer Deutschen zusammen in der Klasse.

Mir gefiel das Schulklima sehr, es war eine lockere Stimmung und Ziel war es möglichst viel zu sprechen. Ich war der Lehrerin dankbar, wenig Grammatik zu machen, da ich diesen Teil zur genüge behandelt hatte. Das zeigt, dass auf die Bedürfnisse und Interessen eingegangen wird. Nicht nur war es wichtig einfach bloss zu reden, sondern Themen der Kultur des Piemonts nahe zu bringen. Sowohl über Feste, die Olympiade und der kulinarische Teil wurden miteinbezogen. Zum Beispiel hielten wir einmal Lektion in einem berühmten Kaffeehaus Turins oder besuchten den Wochenmarkt. Das Lehrbuch war interessant gestaltet: Lieder, Texte und auch grammatikalische Uebungen. Die Schule ist wärmstens zu empfehlen! Sie ist gut gelegen und wird gut geführt.

Die Lehrkräfte sind nicht nur sprachlich, sondern auch kulturell auf dem Laufenden und wissen über die Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt reichlich zu berichten. Zum Beispiel hatte ich die Gelegenheit die "Reggia Venaria" zu besuchen oder das Kinomuseum zusammen mit den Lehrerinnen. Das wirklich charakteristische und das, was mir geblieben ist von der Schule: Das Verhältnis von Schüler- Lehrer: Da die Schule recht klein ist, kann mehr auf den Schüler eingegangen werden, er hat mitzudenken und mitzureden, ein Verstecken gibt es fast nicht. Es ist kein Verhältnis wie: du bist der Schüler, ich der Lehrer, sondern es ist sehr angenehm und lehrreich. Wie man sieht, fällt es mir schwer, auch nur einen negativen Punkt zu finden!

Carla (19), Switzerland, Student


Ciao tutti, Primo, vorrei dire "grazie" per un meraviglioso quattro settimane. Io credo che il mio italiano è migliore di quando sono arrivato. Ho pensato che era molto buono avere gruppi piccoli per imparare, cioe era piu facile a concentrare e capire tutto. Mi piace anche come la scuola e piu informale. Le canzoni e la passagiata al mercato erano anche buono per il corso, cioe se si sente la lingua piu, diventa piu facile a capire.
Ho capito che il corso e molto breve, ma pensavo se forse e meglio a lasciare, o annullare, le cose che sono meno importante e mettili nel corso intermedio. Quindi avrai piu tempo per le cose che sono piu importante e inizia piu conversazioni per ripetere i materiali. Pero, soppratutto, era un buonissimo corso e lo raccomandero a chiunque, conosco, chi verra a Torino. Vi Auguro un Buon Natale e Buon Anno Ci vediamo il prossimo anno

Nick (23), USA, Student


I joined the course in Torino because i wanted to learn Italian on location, so that I could practice on my own. The best aspect of the course was the friendly staff, the small class size and the excellence of the teaching materials, which were thorough, interesting and up to date, as well as being nicely presented. I learned a great deal during one week, and am continuing my Italian, starting from a sound base gained at L'Italiano Porticando.

Cornelius, Edinburgh, University professor, Scotland


Добрый день, Друзья! Я никогда не писала отзывы, но сейчас очень хочется написать только добрые и хорошие слова о школе L’ItalianoPorticandoв Турине. Я совершенно случайно нашла эти курсы в интернете, и не была уверена в результате.

Но как только пришла в Школу сразу почувствовала, что я дома. В школе очень домашняя и доброжелательная обстановка, прекрасное отношение ко всем студентам. Могу точно сказать, что после трех недель обучения на курсах у моей ПРЕКРАСНОЙ преподавательницы Паулы, я почувствовала, что теперь могу многое сказать и понять на итальянском. После занятий, каждый день проводятся мероприятия с посещением красивых и исторических мест в Турине. Во первых это интересно, а во вторых опять же практика языка. Преподавательница Лаура, которая проводит все эти мероприятия, очень интересно рассказывает, а главное понятно говорит (хотя мой уровень языка не был высокий). Группы небольшие, так что во время занятий мы успевали и сделать много и поговорить вдоволь на итальянском. Мы очень все подружились, уезжала я со слезами. Надеюсь, что еще приеду и продолжу обучение именно в этой школе. Большое спасибо всем педагогам, особенно моей учительнице Пауле. Всего Вам самого наилучшего. Надеюсь до встречи! И всем, кто хочет выучить этот красивый язык, советую поучиться в школе L’ItalianoPorticando в Турине.

Yulia Kabisova, Mosca, Russia


Als ich mich vor einem halben Jahr dazu entschloss, mein Italienisch aufzufrischen, fand ich per Zufall im Internet einen Link auf "Italiano Porticando" in Turin. Nach intensiver Durchsicht der Homepage war mir klar, dass ich dort gut aufgehoben sein werde.
Dies sollte sich in vollstem Maße bestätigen: Sowohl das didaktische Konzept als auch die kleinen Kursgruppen, die unterschiedlichen Lehrmethoden und natürlich die überaus sympathische Art aller Lehrenden trugen dazu bei, dass mein vierwöchiger Aufenthalt nachhaltig Früchte getragen hat.

Grazie mille per un soggiorno divertente indimenticabile. Ritornerò sicuramente‼

Mirco, Germania



İtalya' ya ilk gelişim olmasına rağmen kendimi sanki evimdeymiş gibi hissetmeme neden olan sevgili hocalarım
ve kurs yöneticilerine teşekkür etmek istiyorum.
İtalya' da geçirdiğim zaman boyunca bana sadece derslerimde değil her konuda
yardımcı oldular ve sürekli gülümseyen yüzleri ve bizleri anlamak ve kendilerini anlatmak
için gösterdikleri türlü türlü çabaları için onlara minnettarım,
çünkü ben İtalya' ya geldiğimde neredeyse hiç italyanca konuşamıyordum ama bunun eksikliğini bana hiç hissettirmediler.
Onların çabaları sayesinde şimdi kendimi İtalyanca konuşarak çok güzel ifade edebiliyorum.
İlk geldiğim gün bana hocamın düşmek kelimesini anlatmak için gerçekten neredeyse  
yere düşer gibi yaptığını görünce gösterdiği emeğe hayran kalmıştım.
Birinci sınıf eğitim kalitesi ve yardımsever, güler yüzlü hocalarıyla bana mükemmel bir
tecrübe yaşattıkları için onlara teşekkür ediyorum...

Fatma, Turkey


Questa scuola è un gioiello vero e proprio. Ho frequentato ben 4 scuole in Italia, e onestamente questa è la migliore.

Più che altro, vogliono insegnare l'italiano - anzi questo è la loro passione. Ciò che ho trovato nelle altre scoule è questo. Gli insegnanti
sono persone molto colte, intelligenti, interessanti. Ma insegnano l'italiano perché non possono trovare il lavoro che vogliono. E purtroppo
si vedono gli effetti ogni giorno nelle lezioni.

In questa scuola, invece, si vede la loro passione in ogni dettaglio. Gli insegnanti sono veramente appassionati. Non ci sono troppi studenti in una lezione. Prestano molta attenzione affinché il livello degli studenti in un gruppo sia perlopiù lo stesso. Gli insegnanti lavorano sodo perché ogni studente abbia la migliore esperienza possibile.

Due parole su Torino, che non è conscuita (almento negli Stati Uniti) come una città da visitare. Ma veramente lo è. Come città, ha dei
aspetti unici in Italia, è molto legata alla storia d'Italia (specialmente il Risorgimento), insomma c'è molto da vedere e da fare. E la scuola
organizza qualcosa dopo le lezione quasi ogni giorno, sia un discorso sia una passeggiata.

Insomma, non posso immaginare andare in Italia e frequentare un' altra scuola.


This school is a real jewel. I've studied at 4 schools in Italy in various cities, and onestly this is the best.

In the first place, they really want to teach Italian - it's their passion. What I found at other schools is that the insturctors are intelligent,
educated, interesting people who teach Italian because they can't find the work that they really want to do. Unfortunately, you see the effects of this every day in class.

Here, on the other hand, you see their passion in every detail. The teachers are visibly passionate about teaching. There aren't too many
students in a class, and they pay a lot of attention so that the class is composed of people at more or less the same level. And the
instructors work hard so that each and every person gets as much as possible out of the class.

A couple of words about Torino, which isn't as well know as a destination, at least in the USA. But it should be. As a city, it has aspects that are completely unique amount large Italian cities, and it has deep connections with Italian history, espeically the Risorgimento. There's a lot to see and do. And the school organizes something practically every day, either a lecture or a visit to some interesting place in the city.

I couldn't imagine coming to Italy and going to a different school.

John, Stati Uniti d'America


Ich besuchte im November 2013 während 2 Wochen die Sprachschule «L'italiano porticando» und kann sie nur wärmstens empfehlen.
In meiner Klasse waren wir 6 SchülerInnen wortwörtlich aus der ganzen Welt (zwischen 23 und 60 - auch das ein positives Element),
sodass wir alle ausgiebig zum Zug kamen und enorm profitieren konnten.
Die Lektionen sind sehr abwechslungsreich gestaltet:
lesen von Zeitungsartikeln, Hören von italienischen Liedern, italienische Filme anschauen, Kurzgeschichten lesen und ausgiebig über alles diskutieren um den Wortschatz zu erweitern. Auch die Grammatik kommt nicht zu kurz und täglich gibt es Hausaufgaben in einer Menge, die gut zu bewältigen ist. Die SchülerInnen waren alle sehr engagiert und ernsthaft bestrebt, die Sprachkenntnisse zu verbessern.
Es wird ausschliesslich italienisch gesprochen, selbst in den Pausen und mit den SchülerInnen der anderen Klassen und auch während der nachmittäglichen, kostenlosen kulturellen Ausflüge: alle halten sich an diese Regel, sodass man, wenn man denn möchte, während des gesamten Aufenthaltes nichts anderes als italienisch spricht, was die Fortschritte begünstigt.
Das Nachmittagsprogramm ist ebenfalls äusserst empfehlenswert, ein wirklicher Mehrwert und Extra-Bonus, den man unbedingt nutzen sollte. Und zu guter Letzt ein Lob dem Leitungsteam: Drei herzliche und sympathische Frauen, die sich um das Wohl der SchülerInnen kümmern und immer ein offenes Ohr für jedes Anliegen haben. Sie führen die Schule professionell und der Unterricht ist spannend und unterhaltsam zugleich. Kurz und gut: es war eine grossartige Erfahrung, die Du unbedingt auch machen solltest!

Claudia (50), Zürich/Schweiz


Our two boys, 13 and 15 year olds, spent nearly 7 weeks attending daily private lessons with the wonderful teachers at L’Italiano Porticando.
We chose the school based on the level of commitment and professionalism they retain. We were not disappointed.
Our boys came away learning more Italian than in the 4 years they had been learning at school. To keep the boys engaged they prepared off site excursions, outings to purchase items using their skills, cooking lessons, tours to important sites to gain an insight into the language and history and a wonderful morning of “treasure hunting”….all with gusto, enthusiasm and creativity.
If we are lucky enough to return to Italy we will most certainly be sending the boys directly back for more lessons at Porticando, in fact, I think the boys won’t go back to Italy UNLESS they get to go back for more time with these exceptional teachers!

Thank you for a lifelong gift Porticando!

Angie Peter Max Ollie Sydney/Australia


I studied at this school in 2013 for a week and then continued with Skype lessons and have just returned after two weeks in Turin.

I can't recommend this school too highly. The school produces its own materials for the language classes which are tailor-made for the needs of the particular students in a group. The book containing these materials is given free of charge to the students. The flexibility of this approach is something that most language schools don't offer since they tend to teach from standard textbooks. The books used in Turin also provide a context for the study of Italian containing extracts from, for example, Italian literature and articles about everyday life in Italy together with grammar exercises. In addition, the school offers cultural courses in the afternoon where a variety of topics are on offer. Last year I studied Italian architecture and this year Italian literature and Italian cinema. The linking of the language to its context greatly adds to the value and effectiveness of the experience. The school also offers  afternoon excursions which are free of charge.The choice of excursions varies  because the school is responsive to requests from individual students who wish to visit particular places. At the weekend, some of those in my group wished to visit  the region southwest of Turin, known as Le Langhe. The school organized both a guide and cars for a very reasonable price. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the teachers are excellent, really enthusiastic, knowledgeable and encouraging. This family- run school headed by Rosaria, Caterina and Laura is outstanding and would be hard to beat.

Dr Jane Singleton, UK, July 2014


Ich habe in diesem Jahr zweimal die Sprachenschule "L'Italiano Porticando" in Turin besucht,
zwei Wochen im Mai und eine Woche im Oktober.
Die herzliche Atmosphäre und das auf meine Interessen (Literatur, Architektur) zugeschnittene,
kompetent vorbereitete Programm, wobei besonders die Stadtrundgänge und Ausflüge hervorzuheben sind,
haben die Aufenthalte zu anregenden Erlebnissen gemacht.

Christiane (69), Mannheim, Studienrätin i.R., Germany


La vostra scuola “Italiano Porticando” è perfetta per ognuno a cui piacono un atmosfera rilassante,
piccoli gruppi ed  attenzione personale.
Le escursioni culturali organizzati da Laura sono veramente cose da godere.
So che tutte le scuole offrono escursioni ma Laura è un' ottimo guida per gli stranieri.
Mille grazie Laura e mille grazie Rosaria.

Truus, Amsterdam, Netherlands


One of the merit of this School was that they taught me in italian language very intensively and eagerly.
 I was a completely beginner of it. At first lesson, all the conversation was held by Italian and
I found it was tough to catch up with, but when I could not follow them,
they gave me a moment to ask and they usually checked it clear or not.
In my case, it was a private lesson so I could ask many things without hesitating.

The another good point is that the content of lessons are interesting.
Teaching materials was also nice. I like book which I used
because all of the sections are useful for the life here in Italy.

They are very kind and paciently.

As regards dislike point, absolutely no idea. I like this school perfectly.

Chinatsu (27), Japan


De cursus bij l'Italiano Porticando is ons goed bevallen.
De sfeer was erg prettig. Het werken in een kleine groep was intensief en leerzaam.
Het feit dat we werden gecorrigeerd op taalgebruik en uitspraak vonden we positief.
Het niveau van de leerstof was voor ons redelijk hoog.
De excursies in Torino en omgeving waren interessant.
Er was veel gelegenheid om italiaans te praten: tijdens de lessen, bij de koffiepauze en ook bij de excursies.

Hans and Nellie, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Quello che mi e piacuto al' Italiano Porticando e stato tanto le personne, quanto le lezioni.
Il fatto che il corso era basato sui loro materiali e non su un libro convenzionale, mi ha spinto di piu a frequentarlo.
 Anche i gruppi di tre oppure di quattro personne e NON di piu e stato un grande motivo.
Mi sono piacute molto le discussioni solo in italiano, le spiegazioni in italiano,
la grammatica, l' immenso vocabulario e tutti questi in un ambiente molto rilassante e carino.
 Devo comunque dare i miei complimenti alla "squadra" del' Italiano Porticando,
Rosaria, Laura e Caterina che sono state sempre attente e volonterose alle nostre difficolta.
Quanto riguarda l' Italiano Porticando, non c'e paragone!!!

Giorgia (32), Spata Attikis, Greece


We took the basic language course at L’Italiana Porticando at very short notice after we moved to Turin.
This excellent school impressed us. It was willing to accommodate our schedule.
The school is small and strikes a good balance between efficiency and friendliness.
Classes were small and time was available for individual assistance.

The material was particularly useful as it was based on the daily experiences of living in Turin.
Discussions about food, directions, history and trips were based upon the area.
Classes were directed at being able to handle day-to-day needs like shopping,
buying a rail ticket and asking for directions.
Specific requests for help in areas of language that we needed immediately
like installing a phone line to a new apartment were willingly accommodated.

Classes built confidence through being taught purely in Italian,
which could then be tried (with increasing success) on the street.
We found that the basic course gave a thorough understanding of Italian basics
and enough of a vocabulary to function. Since the course we’ve built on that framework with satisfaction.

Finally, what makes this school particularly special are the wonderful personalities of Rosaria, Katrina and Laura.
They became friends as well as teachers.

Jim and Laurie, Scotland and USA


Also, ich habe den kurs gemacht, um ein bisschen mein italienisch aufzufrischen.
ich fand es richtig toll, dass wir nur zu zweit waren und dass so ein persoenliches klima in der schule geherrscht hat. ausserdem fand ich es sehr nett, dass ihr ausfluege mit uns geplant und gemacht habt...

Eigentlich hat mir nichts nicht gefallen.

Annika (23), Hannover, Student, Germany


It is imperative to learn Italian if you intend to integrate into the Italian way of life and we felt the best way to do this was to take an intensive course that enhanced our own studies.
L'Italiano Porticando were very flexible in providing a tailor made course that suited our requirements, everything, from the scheduling of teaching, coursework texts, the one to one teaching, to the field trip around Turin were very well designed to improve our language skills over a short period of time and which were presented in a very friendly and relaxed way.
The greatest success of the course was that it has given us the confidence to get out there and try even harder.

Mark, Karen and Carol, Hotel La Granica, Fontanile


Ciao tutti,

sono stato quattro settimane a Torino per fare il corso da Rosi, Cati e Laura e mi ha piaciuto moltissimo. Cera ogni giorno una altra cosa da parlare di. Mai é stato noioso solo qualche volte fatigoso, perche cé cosi molto da vedere che ho avuto bisogno da visitare Torino anche la notte. Latmosphera alla scuola é molto personale perché ci sono solo classe piccole. Ottimo da studiare. Anche la compania degli altri studenti mi ho piaciuto e sono ancora in contatto.

É stato uno bello periodo per me a Torino che mai dimenticaró, ma per me era troppo corto. Due mese sarebbero state meglio. Ma comunque, forse ancora l'estate, chi sa?

Ciao e buon divertimento a Torino! Holger

Holger, Germany, Student (23)

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