En Italia nunca un dìa sin PASTA!

En Italia nunca un dìa sin PASTA!


Pasta is for most Italian essential! It is, in fact, the most popular dish of the country, cooked and served in thousand different ways. Pasta is available in different shapes, colours and flavours depending of the region you are.

Pasta can be enjoyed together with family members or friends. It is the perfect dish for convivial moments!

From April, 28th to May, 1st Turin, at Lingotto Fiere, is going to host the "Pasta Festival", where you can taste pasta dishes prepared by 25 pastificios coming from all over Italy. Entrance and events to taste a long list of pasta dishes from carbonara to pasta all'amatriciana, to orecchiette alle cime di rapa, to spaghetti alle vongole are free!

Another way to get to know the Italian cuisine are L'Italiano Porticando's cooking classes, where students can learn to make pasta, to prepare pizza and focaccia and learn more about traditional Italian and Piedmontese recipes.

Have a look at our "Special topic courses" (L'Italiano Mangiando) or at our "Cultural courses" (cultural courses, wine tastings and cooking classes)!