Italian Language Courses for Foreigners
Long Term Courses and Study Visas

Long-term courses and study visa     

People coming from countries not belonging to the European Union who want to study in Italy for more than 3 months (90 days) have to ask at the Italian Embassy in their home country for a study visa

To obtain a study visa it is necessary

- to sign up for a language courses with 20 h/week noting in the registration form the start and end date of the course you want to attend 

- to pay the full course fees in advance

- to have a place to stay in Turin or to ask the school to provide for accommodation in Turin 

- to be able to pay for the living in Italy

Once the school receives the registration form and the payment, L'Italiano Porticando will issue

- a confirmation letter

- the documentation to be handed in at the Embassy

In case the student does not obtain the visa, the school will refund the amount paid witholding the registration fee (€60), the bank expenses and other administration fees which may occur (f.ex. courier charges).

The school offers also support regarding the procedure to obtain the permit to stay (at the arrival in Italy) and the mandatory health insurance (if not already bought in the home country). 

However, for the exact requirements L'Italiano Porticando advices to ask for detailed information at the Embassy of the student's home country.

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