Summer City Camp for Kids in Turin     

Apart from Italian language courses for adults, our school proposes every summer the same language learning approach to children and teens! A full immersion in the Italian language, where the kids and teens will find themselves at ease learning Italian during their language classes at school in the mornings, and in the afternoon activities to discover Turin and the Italian way of life. Day after day, they will improve their language skills, such as listening comprehension and their ability to manage all kind of everyday situations in Italian. 

A team of professionally trained mother tongue teachers and activity leaders will take care of the kids’ welfare day-to-day, guaranteeing experienced supervision and teaching at school during the morning classes, as well as during lunch and all leisure activities in the afternoon.

Summer City Camp for Kids (kids aged 7 to 10)

When ? July, 12th to July, 16th 2021

Summer City Camp for Teens (teens aged 11 to 15)

When ? ------

Junior Summer Courses (students aged 16 to 18)

When ? July, 19th to July, 30th 2021

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