Italian Language Courses for Foreigners
Cultural courses, wine tastings and cooking classes

Cultural courses     

L’Italiano Porticando offers to its students a wide range of theoretical and pratical courses and seminars on many aspects of history, arts, architecture and traditions of the Piedmont area and of Turin. These courses can be combined with all ourcourses, from individual lessons to our courses in small groups, to our standard courses. We are convinced that to learn Italian, it is also important to learn about the many cultural aspects which are characteristic for the places you visit or you are staying at. The teaching method requires the students to participate actively in their lessons. Audio-visual media, photos, films, documentation and itineraries in and around the city will complete the theoretical part of the lessons.

Cultural courses are proposed every month if there are students interested.

Topics suggested:


History of Italian Art


History of Italian Music

Wine seminar  and Wine tasting or Chocolate tasting

Cooking classes (professional or at the teacher's home)



The topics of the course will be related to architecture and urbanization of Turin. After a general introduction, the students willhave the possibility to choose among one of the following epochs:


Roman Turin: the foundation of the city and the places and monuments which witness 
the presence of the Romans in Turin;

Turin capital of Baroque: the marvellous Royal Residences, witnesses of a time of 
splendor and reminder of the Savoyan family in Turin.From Guarini
to Filippo Juvarra, two famous architects who made the city to
the capital of the Savoyan State. 

Art Nouveau in Turin: Turin at the beginning of the 19th century, the "flower style" of the 
villas and buildings of the city's new areas.

Changing Turin: Turin, a city which is changing as far as its urban layout and its
architecture is regarded, a city where renowned international architects -
like Gae Aulenti and Arata Isozaki - and artists - like Michelangelo Pistoletto,
Jannis Kounellis, Giuseppe Penone, Mario Merz and Per Kirkeby - meet and
work to create the Turin of the future. 


Italian History of Art

The most important currents in Italian Art: from Byzantine, to Renaissance, to Barock Art and from the tendencies of the 19th century to the avant-garde movements of the 20th century.

The most important artists of Italian Art: presentation of the artists' lives and analysis of their major works. 

Schedule: in the afternoon at school
Price: € 18,00/1,5 h (min. 3 people)

Literature: Italy's and Piedmont's most famous authors

During this course the students will get to know several authors, who were born, grew up and lived in Piedmont and who in their works described and spoke about this region. 

Some of those authors have been important for the Italian literature and are, sometimes, also internationally renowned, as for example Alfieri, Pavese, Soldati, Ginzburg, Fruttero & Lucentini. 


History of Italian Music 

A course on the history of Italian music from the ‘60s to today focusing on the songs and singers who have been important in the scene of Italian music in the last 4 decades and who have contributed to the fame of Italian music in the world. For those who love Italian music and who want to practise the language by listening to Italian songs and, why not, by singing them.


Workshops on wine and cuisine in Piedmont:

The school organises monthly courses on piedmontese wines and cuisine which are normally held in the afternoon. The participants will be introduced by professionals to the wines and cuisine of Piedmont.

Seminar on the famous wines of Piedmont

Schedule: in the afternoon at school
Price: € 50,00 
Includes:  - Introduction into the famous wines of Piedmont and their combination
with typical dishes;
- documentation and further educational materials;
- tasting of typical wines and products


Visit to a winery in the historic city centre of Turin where you will taste some of the most famous piedmontese wines together with some typical products of the region. 

Schedule:  late afternoon/early evening
Price:  20 € (min. 4 people)

Chocolate tasting and visit to the production workshop of a famous chocolate manufacurer

Visit to the shop of a famous chocolate manufacturer in Turin's historic city centre to taste some of his famous chocolates. On request there is also the possibility to visit the production workshop.

Schedule:  in the afternoon (in September, October, January, February, May and June)
Price: chocolate tasting € 15,00 (min. 5 people)
visit to the production with chocolate tasting €25,00 (min. 5 people)

The gourmet cuisine of Piedmont: 

Schedule:  in the late afternoon/evening in a cooking school in the centre of Turin/in a typical restaurant
Price:  € 65,00 (minimum 5 participants)
Includes:  - Introduction into the preparation and presentation of piedmontese dishes 
- documentation and further educational materials;
- dinner with the dishes cooked


Cooking with the teacher

This course is for all those who want to learn how Italians cook at home. During this cooking class at the teacher's home students will learn to cook italian and piedmontese dishes.

Schedule: in the afternoon/evening at the teacher's home
Price: € 35-45,00 (min. 4 people)
Includes: - cooking of italian and piedmontese dishes
- documentation and educational materials
- dinner with the dishes cooked

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